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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Your Guide to Santa Ana and Greater OC's Murals

September 15th marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month across the nation. Here at Heritage Museum of Orange County, we strive to honor Hispanic heritage not just for one month, but each and every day. If you’ve visited Heritage Museum, you’ve likely had the opportunity to view Siempre Santa Ana. Siempre Santa Ana, created by local artists and volunteer high school students, visualizes the history of the city. The mural’s completion in 2019 coincided with Santa Ana’s 150th Anniversary. Siempre Santa Ana includes portraits of individuals, buildings, wildlife, and other themes that played key roles in the development of the city of Santa Ana. The Hispanic community has been vital to the growth, progress, and the cultural vibrancy of this city and county. Individuals featured prominently on Siempre Santa, like Zenobia Yorba, Virginia Guzman, and Emigdio Vasquez, comprise just a few of the significant members of the Hispanic community who have contributed to Orange County’s history.

This month, we chose to look beyond the nearly twelve acres that make up Heritage Museum of Orange County. Below, you will find a carefully curated guide to murals in the Downtown Santa Ana and the Greater Orange County area that recognize and honor Hispanic heritage. The tours are self-guided, so that you can explore these captivating displays of public art at your leisure. Less than a mile total, you can explore the Downtown Santa Ana tour by foot. The list of Orange County murals spans from Orange to Costa Mesa, and is accessible via car or public transport. You may design your own path through this tour based on your location.

Downtown Santa Ana Mural Tour

Stop #1: Virgen de Guadalupe + More

Location: Plaza de Santa Ana, 300 N. Spurgeon Street Nearest Business: Yost Theater

Artist: Cheryl Eberly About: La Virgen de Guadalupe appeared to Chichimec peasant Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzinin in 1531 in Northern Mexico. Diego was commanded to tell the bishop to build a church on the Tepeyac Hill where he had come across the apparition. For centuries, Catholics have traveled to Tepeyac to pray and make offerings to the original shrine of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Although many conflate the image with the Virgin Mary, La Virgen de Guadalupe is inspired by the apparition that appeared in Mexico, thus making her the Patron Saint of Mexico. Designed by artist Cheryl Eberly in 2017, this mural is Santa Ana’s own shrine to the La Virgen de Guadalupe, and symbolically upholds the Mexican culture upon which this city was founded.

Directions to Next Stop: Head down the sidewalk to your left, approaching N. Bush Street. Turn right on N. Bush Street, and cross the street at Fourth Street. Turn left and walk down the sidewalk. Turn to your right at the end of the building, when you see a green Santa Ana Parrot. There you will find the next mural.

Stop #2: I am Here…Here to Stay

Stop #3: Viva Santa Ana

Stop #4: The Border Wall

Stop #5: Candela

Stop #6: La Madre Naturaleza

Stop #7: Santa Ana Reflections

Stop #8: La Adelita

More Orange County Murals Honoring Hispanic Heritage

Cypress Street Historic Mural (El Proletariado de Aztlán)

Artist: Emigdio Vasquez Sr., restored by Emigdio “Higgy” Vasquez Jr.

Location: 445 N Cypress St. Orange, CA 92866

The Legacy of Cesar Chavez

Among Heroes

Recuerdos de mi Pueblo

Tacos y Carnitas Sahuyao Mural

Chicano Gothic

Siempre Santa Ana

Las Poderosas


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